Veganarky is my space on the web. I use it to post reflections on whatever scratches an itch, gets me riled up, prompts me to think, and everyday experiences.

I created the site in 2005. My intent was multifaceted. Part creative outlet, part a means to flesh out ideas emergent through depths of reading for grad school (and beyond), it afforded a way to share my ideas with others in an accessible environment. It also provided a means to experiment with open source web development, user interface and experience design — in many ways a positive distraction, and affording skills transferable to community work.

I have connected with many a person through the site, what I have posted here, and thoughts prompted. Some are no valued friends and colleaugues.

I appreciate and encourage people to engage with the thoughts and reflecitons I post here.


Whats is veganarky?

Veganarky is a combination (portmanteau) of the words vegan and anarchy – I combined the two as I see a strong correlation between the ideological basis behind both ways of existing (i.e. it is very much more than a lifestyle choice). I will assume I do not need to define what a vegan is – there are many other resources out there that do.

As for anarchy, I have specifically spelt it with a ‘k’ to imply difference. Much of what is labelled or claimed as anarchist in society today is very far from it. What I often see proclaimed or labelled anarchist – either by reactionary shock‐jocks/corporate press or those labelling themselves as such – is a naïve libertarianism. What makes this more problematic, and smacks of irony, is that if it transcends at all hegemonic masculinity it often embodies variants of relational narcissism and American exceptionalism. This is in a similar sense to that discussed by Ella Shohat regarding US Imperialism – see KPFA’s Against the Grain February 21, 2007 for a recording. In distancing myself from self‐described anarchists who are little more than naïve libertarians, my aim to expose and challenge it.

I find this indicative of the lack of real impacts beyond inward individualism that plagues activism today. It is something we need to address for effecting real and lasting change…


I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians the Elouri, Wadi Wadi and Dharawal peoples on whose land I live, and pay my respect to Elders past, present and those of the future.



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