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It has been a minute. For many and varied reasons.

Like for many, the last couple years have been difficult. Navigating and working through trauma. Doing life in a changing world.

My lived experiences of trauma have been personal, everyday, and situational — in addition to what we might refer to as everyday eco- and eco-social anxiety.

In this ever-changing liminal space of life — being a little lost amongst it all, trying to connect dots and re-find myself — and feeling unfulfilled, I want to write things down as part of working through this. A little (or perhaps not) surprisingly, it is the unfulfilled that has spurred this. Something i will return to.

For now, as — sit in another meeting for the most part which I am unsure is an effective use of my (or many other peoples) time — I am very fortunate in being paid to be here, and paid quite well in a new job (also something I want to reflect on), my brain is wandering amongst thoughts on life, love and existing.

Such thoughts haven’t gone away. Rather I finally have some space for them, coming through (hopefully) the other side of some recent-ish trauma and having the headspace to, and wanting to, put them on the page.

I hope many others are on that trajectory as wel live through crises…



musings on life, love and existing...