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One of the many things that living in ISO, and having the (Western) privlege to do so relatively comfortablty, has affored is time. Time to reflect, time (and space) to breath. To let my mind, my thoughts, meander. Meander in ways that have not been been able to for quite a time.

One of the directions my thoughts have headed towards is rethinking what i want from life. I have started to digest Kim Stanley Robinson's recent piece in the New Yorker, in particular, the line 'The virus is rewriting our imaginations. What felt impossible has become thinkable.' The writings of Ursula K. Le Guin, Arundhati Roy and others are also on my mind.

I was already on such a path before the global pandemic (something to reflect on on another time). In a number of ways, the opporunities presented (again directly linked to western privilege) are providing for deeper reflection.

Quite simply, thinking back to how I want to live, what i want out of life, and how I would prefer to enjoy my days. In its simplest, where I am at so far, is community. Working as close to home as possible. Beining involved in tasks that enrich lives, those who live around me directy, and hopefuly (less) tangibly for those further away.

I am re-imagining...



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